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We are a Mindcare Wellness Center that provides in office or telehealth mental health services in Raleigh, NC.

Our goal is to provide individualized, inclusive quality mindcare to you or your loved ones.

Are you feeling down, discouraged, sad, worried, or unmotivated?

We are here to help you feel well again! Be it therapy, medication management, or both. We are dedicated to helping you live your life with more purpose, joy, and fulfillment.

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We Provide Treatment For A Wide Range Of Conditions Including



 Mood Disorders


Family Therapy & Counseling

Grief Counseling


Postpartum Depression

PTSD & Trauma

Relationship & Marital Counseling

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If you or your loved one is ready to make the first step, call our office at (919) 803-8038 or contact us through our website to get your questions answered and schedule your first appointment today.

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